Pipa Crash Online crash game with real money bets

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🪁 The name of the game Pipa Crash
👑 Developer Caleta Gaming
📅 Issue date 05.02.2024
💥 Game type Crash-game
⚡️ Theme kite, flying
📌 RTP 97%
💸 Minimum bet 0,1
💎 Maximum bet 100
💰 Maximum win 10000
✅ Volatility Medium
⚙️ Platforms Desctop, Android, iOS
🌐 Languages Portuguese, English, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Indian, Spanish, Turkish and others

Pipa Crash is a crashing game from the developer Caleta Gaming released on 05.02.2024. In this game, users place a bet and watch a kite fly. As the kite moves, the multiplier increases along with the potential winnings. To get a win, players need to collect money before the kite breaks and the round ends. The winnings are equal to the bet multiplied by the multiplier at the time of withdrawal.

Pipa Crash Online immediately captivated casino players with its unique and exciting approach. The game's growing popularity can be attributed to the combination of an innovative concept, advanced features and the chance to win big cash prizes. Since its launch, Pipa Crash has been widely recognized as an exciting addition to the world of online casino games.

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  • Fast-paced Fun: The thrill of Pipa Crash keeps players engaged with every spin.
  • Winning Potential: With constantly growing multipliers, wins can be substantial.
  • Innovative Features: Auto Play and Auto Cash Out offer players convenience.
  • Accessibility: Available on multiple platforms and browsers, it allows players to play wherever and whenever they want.
  • Competitive Return to Player: An RTP of 97% offers an excellent chance of winning.


  • Risk of Quick Loss: Pipa Crash can be volatile, resulting in significant losses in a short space of time.
  • Dependence on Internet Connection: An unstable connection can impair the gaming experience.

Pipa Crash Site Game Rules

Pipa Crash Online follows a few simple rules to ensure a fair and exciting gaming experience. First and foremost, you need to make money. During a round, you can place one or two bets on a Pipa. The bets are independent of each other. Choose the amount of your bet and confirm it by pressing the "Bet" button.

Once the bets have been placed, wait for the round to start. Each new round begins with a multiplier on the screen, starting at 1.00x and increasing as the kite flies. Your win is determined by multiplying your bet by the coefficient at the time of the Cash Out. You can click "Cash Out" at any time during the round to receive your winnings.

It's important to note that if your Pipa Crashes before you Cash Out, your bet will be lost. So keep an eye on the multiplier and decide strategically when to Cash Out to maximize your winnings.

Important points:

  • Each bet is independent, allowing multiple bets per round.
  • The value ranges from 0.01 FUN to 100 FUN.
  • The RTP is 97%, offering fair chances of winning.
  • Internet connection is crucial; use Auto Cash Out to protect your bets in case of disconnection.
Pipa Crash Settings

Play Pipa Crash for Free

Although Pipa Crash is a real money gambling game, some platforms may offer a demo version or "practice mode" for players to try out the Pipa Crash game online without risking real money. However, it's important to note that there are usually differences between the demo version and the normal version.

In the demo version, players can try out the game with virtual credits or a limited amount of fictitious money. This allows players to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game and experiment with different strategies without any financial risk.

However, it is essential to understand that the demo version may not offer the same excitement and gaming experience as the regular version, where real money bets are at stake. In addition, winnings in the demo version generally cannot be withdrawn as real money.

Play Pipa Crash for Free

Functional features of the Pipa Crash game

Betting and withdrawals

Players can place bets and withdraw winnings by clicking on the appropriate buttons in the game interface. The minimum and maximum bet settings can be adjusted before starting a new round. The minimum is $0.1 and the maximum is $100.

Pipa Crash Bet

Double bets

Players can place two bets at the same time. Each bet is independent. You can therefore bet two different amounts and withdraw them at different times. For each separate bet, you can set up automatic play and automatic withdrawal.

Jogo Pipa Double Bet

Autoplay and automatic withdrawal

Autoplay can be activated to automatically place bets on each spin, while Auto Cashout allows you to automatically withdraw your winnings when a predefined multiplier is reached. These features can be configured in the game settings. Autoplay is activated by a switch and lasts until you turn it off. Auto Withdraw has a multiplier setting, the value of which is used to withdraw.

Jogo Pipa Autoplay

Round History

The Round History records details of all previous rounds, including results and bet amounts. Players can access it from the game interface to analyze their past performance, understand betting patterns and make more informed decisions. At the top of the screen, you'll see the results of the last 9 rounds. You can expand the field to see the results of the last 20 rounds.

Jogo Pipa Round History

Betting in the Pipa Crash online game

Before each round, players have the option of placing one or two bets on the same Kite, each bet being independent of the other. To adjust the bet, players can use the "-", "+" buttons, press the buttons with the values "1.00", "2.00", "5.00", "10.00" or write down the value manually.

In Pipa Crash, the minimum bet to play for real money is 0.10$, while the maximum bet is 100$. Players have the chance to win up to $10,000. This range makes Pipa Crash even more accessible to players. You can play with a minimum balance or try the Martingale strategy, starting with small bets, or bet big with minimum multipliers.

Pipa Crash Online is much more than just a casino game; it's a thrilling gaming experience that combines the nostalgia of flying kites with the adrenaline rush of real money betting.